GHP Strategic Planning

Albuquerque, Oct 9 2010.  The board of Global Health Partnerships met today to begin planning the future of the other organization. GHP is an US non-profit and Non-governmental organization, that works in developing countries as partners with local community organizations and health care providers to improve the health and well being of the poor and marginalized throughout the world. The board considered current strengths, challenges, resources, and opportunity while looking ahead three to five years.

Among GHP’s strengths are active, growing, programs in Kenya and Uganda that address needs identified by local communities.  Though different, both projects emphasize collaboration with local governments and organizations and result in improved capacity of individuals and communities to address their own needs.  Not surprisingly, reliable, sustainable funding is a persistent challenge.  Like many young organizations, GHP needs to increase the involvement of others in managing the organization, marketing and fund raising.

A promising direction for fund raising is the Run with Kenyans event that was held for the first time in Albuquerque this year.  Donna Tully, a member of the board, has built many contacts with the local community including Kenyans, many of whom are and have been world class runners, and business sponsors such as Midtown Sports and Wellness.   Plans are currently underway for the second run which will take place May 14, 2011.  Entrants will pay to enter and run or race with some of the fastest runners in the world. Prizes include baskets and cloth products made by the people we work with in Africa.


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