Mother of Seven, has home, little else

Mwalimu is forty-one years old.  She  has seven children under the age of ten. They live in Kwa Kisai village about 45 minutes by foot from Kisesini Clinic.

There’s no father in the picture.  Her grandmother lives a little way up the road.  Last year when Mwalimu’s  house, made of sticks and mud burned to the ground (see photo 1), donations from GHP helped build her a new house—this time made of cement, even with a floor–and now, they still have next to  nothing.  They have no mattress, sleeping pad or even platform–they all  sleep on a pile of rags (seen in the photo drying in the sun). The rest of their belongings fit in a couple of burlap bags stacked in the corner of the house.  The oldest child attends school, two twins nurse, a boy gazes  blankly of into space.  They say he is unable to learn, so can’t go to school.(see photo 2).
As I tried to interview them, I looked at this family, their eyes seemed dull, lifeless.  I thought, there is nothing I can say or do to connect with these people. I had a package of sesame  and peanut planks in my bag.  Giving each of them a piece of candy, there was no surprise, or even reaction.  I gave a piece to the older child and she handed it to the younger, Mwalimu, chewed a piece of peace of peanut candy, spit it out and fed it to one of the babies pulling on her breasts.
There was no food in the house and the children had not eaten all day.  I gave them 250 shillings, about $3, to buy food.  Their is not prospect of getting more money or food unless a neighbor or the GHP clinic gives them something.
Mwalimu has a plot a land near the now-dry-river, and has begun clearing a plot for a garden near the house.  A drought  plagues all of east Africa.  Even if the spring rains come, they will have no money for seeds.
You can can help this family eat, make a kitchen garden, and get help for a possibly retarded child.  Only $30 per month, three dollars per day can give life to eight people.  Unlike other charities, every dollar you give will go to this family.

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