Little Naomi

Naomi and her mother at the outreach January 2012

After having busy monthly outreach on Saturday in Syokisinga, I was able to sit down with a mother and child who have been attending the outreaches regularly since the first one in July of 2009. The outreaches, which are sponsored by GHP, are conducted at very rural sites where hospital care is diificult to access. The outreaches provide malnutrition screening, immunizations for pregnant women and children under 5yrs, family planning, and prenatal labs/care. These are services the women may not have been albe to reach, as the nearest clinic is several hours walk. I was able to see, firsthand, how GHP has helped save lives. Naomi was identified at the very first outreach as being severely malnurished and was treated with proper food supplementation. Included is a photo of her today.

Naomi Kakethe was brought in by her mom to the outreach this past Saturday. She was found at the very first outreach with a Z score of -3SD, whish indicates severely malnurished. She was started on Plumpinut in July 2009 and moved to unimix before coming off at 3yrs old. She has been attending the outreaches regularly and has not needed food supplements ever since. She is now well over 3yrs old, born in May 2008, and doing very well. She is very social and loves to smile. She has 2 brothers and is the middle child. Her favorite food is ugali.

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