Good-by and good luck UNM medical students!

student researchGood luck and good-by medical students! GHP coordinates research done to study the effectiveness of the health care projects we do in Kenya. We are always looking for ways to make improvements in the health of Kenyan families. The research is conducted and paid for through a collaboration with the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. Medical students are given a valuable opportunity for a cross-cultural and academic experience in a resource-poor developing country. They also have a chance to learn about community-based public health. The UNM student research projects provide GHP with important information about what is working and where program improvements are needed. The UNM students return home with knowledge, skills, and experience that can be applied to low-income rural settings here in New Mexico. A group of 23 UNM medical students leave for Kisesini on March 1 to study GHP projects on child malnutrition, newborn infant care, and the important role that village community health workers can play to improve the health of very low income families in remote villages. Dr. Angelo Tomedi, president of GHP and a member of the faculty of the UNM Department of Family and Community Medicine, will be supervising their research. The very best to you all on your journeys.

To see some of the publications generated by this research, see our “our projects” tab.

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