GHP Saves Children’s Development After Malnutrition

Child malnutrition causes not only stunted growth but brain damage. GHP has conducted a novel study of the developmental outcome of children who have been assisted by our therapeutic feeding program. The news is good! 100 “graduates” from the “Feed Hungry Children in Kenya” program have been studied and their mental and physical development is beyond expectations. They are doing well!

Baby Muli lives in a remote Kenyan village. His mother, Angela, brought him to the health center because he was sick and severely underweight. He was placed in the GHP therapeutic feeding program and followed carefully. Angela was given a supply of Plumpy’nut and returned to outreach clinics.

Muli has not only survived, he has thrived. His growth and development is remarkable. He is among the 100 “graduates” from GHP’s therapeutic feeding program enrolled in this development-after-malnutrition study. Muli, his mother Angela, and his entire family are now happy and healthy.

IMG_20150624_125557GHP volunteers, with assistance and funding from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, are in the process of publishing the results of this unique research. Every child is worth saving.

Right now 22 malnourished children are currently enrolled in the therapeutic feeding program and all of them are recovering.

Please help GHP continue to help malnourished children like Muli. Give what you can to this worthy project of curing child malnutrition.

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