Safe Childbirth

In Kenya and other African countries many infants and mothers die during childbirth.  It is our goal to improve the infant mortality as well as maternal mortality by providing the best possible obstetrical care.  DSCN2471

GHP supports full time obstetrical services delivered by the Kenya nurses.  We have supported special obstetrical training for our Kenya nurses.  We strongly believe a skilled birth attendant can improve the outcomes for mothers and infants.

Traditional birth attendants (TBAs), often with little or no training, attend many of the births in the remote villages.  GHP has met with the TBAs and developed a plan to increase the number of skilled birth attendant deliveries.  The TBAs are paid a small amount (approximately $2.50) to bring their pregnant clients to the health center when they are in labor.   We have already increased the percentage of women who come to the Kisesini Health Center for attended deliveries.2013-11-27 Maternity Cases good outcome

With our ambulance we are able to do emergency transport for necessary Cesarean sections.  This has saved many lives.DSCN2440

Now that our maternity center is nearly finished we hope to be able to support the skilled attendance of every childbirth within our catchment area.

Update 2014!  The maternity center is nearly complete!  Flowers have been planted and the sign post assembled.  Soon it will be open for business.  Congratulations!

sign post












Here it is – the new maternity center, open for business!  And what better way to open the center than the delivery of healthy, beautiful twin girls!  Welcome Mwikali and Mwende.




thank you with a smile

Mother, Winifred Kanini, is showing her thanks as her mother-in-law, Mercy, holds one baby and her TBA (Traditional Birth Attendant) holds the other baby.  Winifred and father, Albous Mutunga, also have a son at home.

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