Meet the Staff of the Kisesini Clinic

Welcome Caroline Naila Matheka, who joined the Kisesini Dispensary in late 2015. Carol is a Community Health Registered Nurse whom we first met as a translator for a GHP project.carol-1 Her role expanded to include her skills s a nurse when she was asked to cover for Theresa during her maternity leave. She now works full time as an invaluable member of the Kisesini staff, doing deliveries, dispensing medications, suturing, clerking, administering immunizations, providing pre and post-natal care, and doing well child visits. Carol grew up in Katangi where her family still resides. She enjoys going home when she can on weekends, staying with her mother, father, brother and sister. Her hobbies include sewing, listening to music, and reading “motivating novels.” She hopes to begin work on her Master’s in Nursing and has a special interest in midwifery. Thank you, Carol, for all they work you do.


 Nurse Dorcas Mumbua Kioko is the second newest member of the nursing team at the Kisesini Health Center. Dorcas recently completed her community health nursing studies at the Machakos Medical Training College. She speaks Kamba, Kiswahili and English. She has been described as highly ambitious, goal oriented, and committed to serving her community. We welcome you warmly, nurse Dorcas. Your patients await your care!




Nicholas and AngeloNicholas Ndonye Mutuku is the organized, capable, mature head nurse who has been with the Kisesini Clinic since its beginning in 2007.  Initially he was an accountant.  He was encouraged to study nursing by his mother who thought nursing would provide the feeling of helping his community that Nicholas wanted.  His Community Health Nursing degree was completed in 3 1/2 years.  He has worked in Nairobi, Mombasa Highway, and then was in charge of surgical wards and theater in Machakos.  When he was assigned to Kisesini there was a clinic building, but no solar power and no staff housing.  He lived in the local market area until the staff housing was completed.  He was joined by temporary staff for short periods of time until Vincent arrived.  Nicholas is married to Jacinta who is a teacher at the local elementary school.  Their daughter, Valentine, was born 2 1/2 years ago.  She adds life and happiness to the school as well as the clinic community.


Theresia Waeni Makau is the newest nurse to serve the Kisesini community. She recently obtained her drivers’ license and is fully qualified to drive the ambulance. By the time she went to secondary school, Theresia knew she wanted to study and work in the medical professions. Helping to meet the needs of her patients makes her happy.

 Richard Musembi is a clinical officer (CO) assigned by the Kenyan Ministry of Health to the Kisesini Clinic. He is a great addition to the quality of healthcare.

Justine Nafula is a very talented laboratory technician.  Justine and her husband are parents of two beautiful children, well known around the clinic.  GHP has supported continuous training for Justine.  She makes Kisesini a true top-notch clinic.  She is also responsible for HIV/AIDS counseling and testing.  Justine is a devoted and critical member of the Kisesini Health Center team.