Baraza, a community meeting

Baraza, a community meeting

When the community comes together to make a decision or plan in Kenya, it is called a Baraza.  In preparation for a new project that will provide grants to community groups to improve agriculture, chickens, or goat stock, the Chief called on the elders of villages to participate in such a meeting.  In addition to 150 representatives of villages, the Agriculture ministry extension officers for agriculture and livestock, a representatives from GHP, AMREF, communities in Kibwezi, community health workers, and interpreters came together in ___village.
While everyone awaited the arrival of the chief, a group of women presented several tribal dances, the first for thanksgiving, others asking for help with draught and support for getting seeds.
The Chief–actually an appointed representative of the government to the people, not a tribal elder, opened the proceedings describing the intention to introduce a new project in collaboration with GHP.  Then each of the representatives, mentioned above made presentations, providing information and guidance about the proposed project.
David and Stephanie presented some of the recommendatoins from the meetings held with the communities in Kibwezi. Dr Tomedi summarized the work that GHP has done over the past 5 years.  Our work has changed from establishing and running the clinic to addressing nutrition, and economic and community development.
At the end of the baraza, community members chatted with the chief, the Amref representative,  The CHWs from the area presented proposals for projects.   Plans were made to create an oversight committee to manage the grant projects and review proposals.  Global Health Partnerships has proposed to fund six projects spread across the Syokisinga sublocations.   Initially, GHP has grants that will fund about  US$20,000 or 2 million Kenya Shillings divided among up to six sites.

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